Sunday, August 14


I've been watching the PGA Championship this afternoon-- the fourth and final "major" of the professional golf tour's season -- fitfully. I say that because there have been two weather delays in the television broadcast owing to severe weather over the tournament's venue in New Jersey and also because we had a Texas-style gully-washer here north of Houston and violent lightening knocked out our electricity for an hour or so. So, one minute I sit enthralled and the next minute I'm back in my Study doing my blogging thing. Oh, the slings and arrows ...

Not sure how long the current delay will last, but I'll do my best to do a round of the bloggers who I list in my sidebar under the heading QUID PRO QUO, because they reciprocate in listing my site -- ACSOL -- in their respective blogrolls, which I appreciate. Frank Laughter, whose site "Common Sense Junction" is listed there, wrote a kind comment today on one of my posts saying that ACSOL is "the most under-appreciated blog on the Net." Well, I doubt that seriously, as there are so many good writers in what Hugh Hewitt calls the "tail of the blogosphere"; but, that's the sort of compliment typical of the good people whose blogs you'll find there under QUID PRO QUO.

So, let's get started ...

"ACE" is asking whether the "Able Danger" 9/11 Commission scandal is dead-on-arrival. He coins a couple of terms (variations on "blogosphere") that had me laughing. "ACE" is always a provocative read.

Carroll Morse trys to flush out a Bush-baiter hiding behind war-protestor Cindy Sheehan in her post at "Anchor Rising". Seems she succeeds handily!

Kevin Whited at "" has some fun throwing darts at one of his favorite targets -- the editorial board of the "Houston Chronicle." It's a topical theme, so read it even if you live in Montana!

"The Blue State Conservatives" may be helpful in helping you determine whether your city (if it has a population of 100,000 or more) has a "Liberal" or "Conservative" voting record. Would you believe Dallas, Texas is listed as "Liberal." What must J.R. Ewing be thinking! Thanks for the heads-up, Aaron.

Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" has been vindicated and by Mark Steyn no less, as the two have a shared viewpoint that you ought to read about. Way to go, Frank! Such esteemed company you keep!

Mark Noonan of "GOP Bloggers" comments on the Left's preoccupation with Bush-bashing and its inability to get beyond the election of 2000 that the liberal handwringers feel was stolen. Hope that dinner with your fiance, Mark, wasn't too serious-minded.

"The Happy Capitalist" will not make you so happy with his expose on O.J. Simpson's retirement income stream or the practical upshot of a jury award against him in a civil suit. "Film at Eleven!"

Greg at the "Hobessian Conservative" must be a gamer! Also appears he's "game" for wedded bliss. His blog's title has been revised, I see.

Epiphany at "Minivanmom74" extolls her virtues as an ambidextrous, multi-faceted housekeeper and landscape-gardener. If "Minvandad72" isn't careful, there may be a bidding war for his wife in the blogosphere!

Carl at "No Oil For Pacifists" goes after NARAL for its mudslinging television attack ad on SCOTUS' nominee John Roberts. NARAL will never survive a "NOFP"-styled link-n-footnote assault on its virulent tactics in support of abortion. This man is the Toast of Posts.

(Whew -- are you still with me? I suspect the PGA Championship will have to conclude tomorrow.)

"The Anchoress" is a must read. Once you start reading, you'll never stop. Her blog turned one year old this past week. Congratulations are in order. The lady can write!

Ilona at "True Grit" has entirely revamped her blog in recent months and it is now as engaging as her well-crafted writing. She deserves frequent visits. She's a thinker and brings a self-examining, metaphysical approach to the subjects she covers. Put on your thinking cap and savor!

That doesn't quite cover the waterfront. Some blogs listed under the QUID PRO QUO heading haven't posted this weekend owing to vacations, or friends and relatives visiting. I'll get to them next time around the circuit. But do check them all out, please!

POSTSCRIPT: I should add that there are two long blogrolls towards the bottom of my site's sidebar -- "Blogs For McCain's Opponent" and "Blogroll For Terri" -- that contain terrific blogs that you may find of interest when you have the time to venture about with your mouse.

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