Wednesday, August 17


I'm not sure which is more pronounced in this Associated Press (AP) story: the propaganda the Center On Education Policy promulgates or the way in which an anything but objective MSM news service amplifies that propaganda and eschews objectivity in its reporting.

For starters, high school students are not "denied" a diploma; fact is, some do not "earn" a diploma by virtue of failing grades and insufficient credits.

"Immigrants," as referenced in the AP article, are mostly "illegal aliens" or the sons and daughters of illegal aliens.

"Limited-English students" for whom, according to the AP, English is a second language, should be referred to as children of mostly illegal immigrants whose families refuse to speak English at home and refuse to become assimilated into the American culture, wanting instead to maintain the culture of their homeland in their homes, and to the detriment of their school-age children.

Imagine the effrontery of American educators in insisting that high school students have a modicum of proficiency in English in order to graduate? One senses that the Associated Press finds this attitude discriminatory and unfair.

And don't you just love the term "gateway state" (e.g., California and Texas). Well, it's probably apropos given the fact that President Bush has left a "Welcome" mat out by ensuring that our borders are porous and anything but a barrier to illegal entry.

Print the AP article out and use a highlighter in identifying all of the euphemisms that tally up to one major piece of public education propaganda! Then read, if you will please, this recent post of mine. Thanks!