Thursday, August 11


Among cities with a population of 100,000 or greater, Detroit, Michigan is the most liberal of U.S. cities, while Provo, Utah is its most conservative, according to this "United Press International" (UPI) story, based upon research done by the Bay Area Center for Voting Research in California. The voting patterns of 237 American cities with this size population were examined.

While I was unable to find out the methodology used by this "non-partisan think tank," it does appear that the vast majority of cities identified as "liberal" had a larger proportion of Black populations than did those that were identified as "conservative." But that is more conjecture on my part absent being able to look at the study itself and not just news reports of it and its conclusions, although I should add that Phil Reiff, director of the center, is quoted in this article as saying:

The great political divide in America today is not red vs. blue, north vs. south, coastal vs. interior or even rich vs. poor -- it is now clearly black vs. white.
It is at least consistent with the well-known fact that Black voters traditionally vote in overwhelming numbers for Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party is far more liberal than ever, Hillary Clinton's clever tacking to the center notwithstanding.

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