Monday, August 8


"The Anchoress" points incredulously to this story by Frederick W. Kagan, published in the "Los Angeles Times," that opens with ...

Despite what you may read, the military situation in Iraq is positive -- far better than it ever was when we were fighting guerrillas in Vietnam, or when the Soviets were fighting the Afghan mujahedin, or in almost any other major insurgency of the 20th century.
I'm left breathless. Next thing you know, John Kerry will be switching political parties and taking vows of poverty and fidelity to the real work of the United States Senate.

Anything is imaginable politically when the "L.A. Times" runs this kind of piece!

Will someone at "Fox News" show "Bill O'Reilly this, please? He may think it epiphanic given his long-standing love affair with this newspaper!

POSTSCRIPT: Ooops, stop the presses, the matamorphosis was short-lived, as this bit of propaganda attests.

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