Tuesday, August 23


Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" takes a pointed look at Iraq's current draft of its Constitution and clearly doesn't like what he sees.

Indeed, Frank concludes with the following:

President Bush should let the National Assembly know, if the proposal is approved with Article Two as drafted, the U.S. would leave immediately.

The offending article states among other things:

1. Islam is a main source for legislation.
– a. No law may contradict Islamic standards.

2. This constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the Iraqi people and guarantees all religious rights; all persons are free within their ideology and the practice of their ideological practices.
3. Iraq is part of the Islamic world, and the Arabs are part of the Arab nation.

The "New York Times" (registration required) published the entire draft in yesterday's edition. The Bush Administration is pushing the Iraqis so hard to complete a constitution that there will apparently be no equivalent in Iraq of America's "Federalist Papers," so we can understand the thought process and woof and warp of political (and religious) considerations influencing the developing document.

Frank, I'm not smitten either by what I've read.

Here's a more optimistic point of view from John Hawkins of "Right Wing News". Larry Kudlow cites the section of the draft that concerns Frank Laughter and seems to dismiss such concerns out of hand and without amplification.

But McQ at "The QandO Blog" makes Frank's point, I believe, with the following observation/question regarding Article Two:

I can see where some clarification is going to be necessary here, for instance, if no law may contradict Islamic standards and no law may contradict democratic standards who wins if an Islamic law contradicts democratic standards?

SOURCE: "Memeorandum"