Friday, August 12


Read this story, posted at "Free Republic," and particularly if you suffer the delusion that human smugglers breeching the contiguous U.S.-Mexico border bring only Mexican nationals into this country.

An excerpt:

Along the way, the officers tried to talk to the illegals immigrants but that task was made difficult by the unique language barrier. Officials believe these illegals were from China.

"They appear to be from China. They hardly speak any English at all. We did find the majority of them have about $50.00 on them…a little food, a little water, so apparently they were trying to make it up north somewhere." Officials said in the last six months or so they have seen quite a few illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico and they say that is a big concern."

"That raises an alarm to us in law enforcement where we have to be more careful as to what kind of individual we're going to pull over. We don't know if these guys were terrorists, if they had weapons on them or if the were just trying to find a job in the country. It could go either way, so it's getting a little dangerous," Capt. Cerda said.

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