Tuesday, August 23


I published this post earlier in August, pointing to widespread drug and human cargo-trafficking in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas, to place in bold relief the bona fide terrorist threat that these insidious operations pose to the United States.

As I wrote:

This blog has reported numerous times in prior posts that the notorious MS-13 gang, largely composed of illegal aliens from El Salvadore, moves (along with illicit drugs) "human cargo" into Texas from Mexico, primarily through the Rio Grande Valley. And I have informed my readers (via links) that MS-13 even targeted Minutemen volunteers along the Arizona-Mexico border, because they do not want their nefarious activities disturbed.

So do you think for a minute, given Mr. O'Burke's law enforcement perspective and MS-13's penchant for violence and lawbreaking, that smuggling terrorists into this country is unlikely? These brutal thugs have no allegiance to the United States of America!
Now, from no less than a stalwart liberal, MSM publication, comes this sobering information (registration required for "Boston.com")that underscores the size and seriousness of the human-smuggling problem in that very region of the country and how "OTMs" -- "other than Mexican" illegal immigrants -- are not even being deported back to their countries of origin:

Unlike undocumented Mexicans, most of whom are quickly returned to their country after they are arrested, almost all non-Mexicans are charged and released in the United States if they do not have a criminal record and are not deemed a security threat. But like this day, few of the immigrants show up to face charges that they entered the country illegally.

When their names are called, 98 percent of all undocumented aliens ordered to appear at Harlingen Immigration Court do not answer. They are weeks into their new lives in all corners of the United States.

The no-show rate, the highest of those for all 53 immigration courts in the country, has deteriorated as undocumented, non-Mexican immigrants have been crossing the border in exponentially increasing numbers, many from known terrorist breeding grounds such as Pakistan.

Immigration officials say they are doing the best they can with what they have. But if they do not release most non-Mexican immigrants, federal officials say, the alternative is to detain tens of thousands of them in a time-consuming deportation process whose difficulties are compounded by a shortage of detention space. With 19,500 beds nationwide all filled, the result ''forces us to make some very difficult decisions," said Dean Boyd, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the Department of Homeland Security.

Nowhere are those decisions more evident than in Harlingen. In the first nine months of fiscal 2005, which ends on Sept. 30, 16,376 undocumented immigrants failed to appear at court. Only 214 of them were Mexican. In fiscal 2004, 9,166 immigrants did not appear, or 88 percent. In fiscal 2003, the no-show number was 4,868, again a national high at 88 percent.

In the sprawling Rio Grande sector, which includes Harlingen and covers 320 miles of the river, 68,438 non-Mexican immigrants from 65 countries have been arrested this fiscal year, Cervantes said. That number amounts to much more than double the 26,437 non-Mexican immigrants who had crossed illegally into this sector for all of fiscal 2004.

In the border city of Brownsville, 25 miles downriver from Harlingen, the Border Patrol chief, Ernesto Castillo, said the 202 agents in his busy station are insufficient to do the job. The agents from Brownsville are averaging about 60 arrests a day, Castillo said, including three whom he watched being detained recently on a patrol of the levee along the Rio Grande.

So don't be deluded. Thousands upon thousands of non-Mexican immigrants are entering the United States illegally and even those caught are seldom deported. Most remain here and insinuate themselves in communities throughout the country.

I wonder how many are already members of sleeper terrorist cells?

NOTE TO READERS: Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen are all gateway cities to the south-Texas Rio Grande Valley and are on or near the Texas-Mexico border.

SOURCE: "Boston.com News"

HAT-TIP: "The Dan Stein Report"