Thursday, August 25


If not, do so here and register your pick at this juncture among the likely GOP candidates for the 2008 presidential run.

Do note that there are two votes you will cast. One is among the likely list of candidates compiled by Patrick Ruffini; the second would be on Patrick's short list of Fantasy Candidates (e.g., Dick Cheney or Condi Rice), provided if any were to run, they'd become your choice over your selection on the Main Ballot.

If you're sticking to your Main Ballot choice (as I am, as an example, with my selection of Newt Gingrich), then just click on keep my vote the same on the Fantasy Candidates ballot.

Be sure to list your state where you're a registered voter.

At this point, with just over 16,000 votes tabulated, Rudolf Giuliana is the clear choice unless Condi Rice were to toss her hat in the ring.

As a Pro-Life blogger, I could not abide either of those two Pro-Choice candidates. That is my litmus test.

What's yours? Leave a "Comment," please!

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