Sunday, August 28


One must wonder what the answer is to that provocative question when one looks at a photograph of California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez saluting Mexico's flag (and a curious salute it is for an American). No surprise that the Associated Press takes it all in stride.

But it is a big deal. One wonders if Mr. Nunez is a proponent of El Plan de Aztlan.

For more on Fabian Nunez's recent conduct in Mexico City, I urge you to read this post by Brenda Walker at the "VDARE Blog."

And before any of you are too quick to dismiss that photograph and what it implies, think about examples of the kinds of things going on in California and the Left's symbiotic relationship there with the corrupt government of Presidente Fox and its affinity for open borders and the protection from deportation of a huge population of illegal aliens.

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's liberal, democratic predecessor, Gray Davis, said while he occupied the governorship in Sacramento:

... in the near future, people will look at California and Mexico as one magnificent region.