Friday, August 26


This story makes my blood boil. It should yours, too!

I wonder if the art of bringing down a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter is an addendum to the Mexican government's "How-To" guide for illegally breeching the U.S. southern border. Or maybe these tactics are taught at Mexico's government-subsidized "staging areas" where Mexican nationals and other-than-Mexicans hook up with human smugglers.

If an insurgent(s) brings down a U.S. military helicopter in Iraq or Afghanistan, and by whatever means, it's big news and for many confirms the need to take the war to the terrorists and kill them dead.

But what about the invasion along our southern border and the crime and mayhem being inflicted on Border Patrol agents and American citizens and property owners?

There are 10,000 illegal aliens crossing our southern border with Mexico daily and included in that count are MS-13 gang members and the terrorists and professional assassins they are likely smuggling into the United States.

The U.S. government should recall its ambassador to Mexico home from Mexico City, send Mexico's ambassador to the United States packing, and President Bush should demand a meeting with El Presidente Vicente Fox at the White House (or, better yet, in Laredo, Texas) to lay out for him, finally and irrevocably, the steps, including military action, that the United States government will take against the government of Mexico should there be another assault of a U.S. Border Patrol agent or American civilian by an illegal alien(s).

Such action(s) could begin with staging U.S. military personnel along this country's contiguous border with Mexico and establishing military bases in proximity to key human and illicit drugs smuggling corridors; it could be ramped up with military forays into neighboring Mexican border towns to destroy "staging areas" for illegal entry into the United States; and it could be crowned with significantly stepped up deportation of illegals.

"El Plan de Aztlan" must be defeated. The downing of a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter is not the act of some desperate "undocumented immigrants," as it will be characterized by open borders' apologists and left-wing Latino activists. Rather, it should be viewed as clear provocation by a corrupt Mexican government that is deliberately encouraging its citizens to emigrate illegally to the United States and doing precious little to stop "OTMs" (i.e., "other than Mexicans") from using Mexico as a staging area and conduit into our country.

The outrage brewing in this country ought to be along our southern border, not in Crawford, Texas! To think about the outlandish hue and cry over the Minuteman Project and how these civilian-patriots are not trained and vetted adequately to assist the Border Patrol properly is enough to make a sober-thinking American scream out in disbelief; and yet a group of rock-throwing illegals bring down a helicopter and it's apparently no big deal to the bleeding hearts, who have yet to register one note of criticism.

Why in the face of this clear provocation are we going to sit back and let Mexico's 2006 presidential campaign kick-off in Los Angeles, California this Fall? Have we become so gracious a host to 11+ million illegals that we now accomodate Mexican politicians who will continue to lead the invasion? Are we dupes and easily bullied? It damn sure appears so!