Thursday, August 11


Michael Schiavo, the philandering husband who had his cognitively-disabled wife put to death by dehydration and starvation, and who (and I'm incredulous) was honored for it by being named "Guardian of the Year" by the Florida State Guardianship Association, is maneuvering to keep his options open in possibly bringing a lawsuit against a hospice for allegedly violating a Do Not Resuscitate order: to wit, in having Terri Schiavo treated in August, 2003, for an infection that had developed into pneumonia. Mr. Schiavo no doubt viewed this infection as a missed opportunity for Terri's premature departure from this Earth.

Having previously won a $250,000 settlement and a $1.3 million malpractice judgement, it would appear the ever self-serving Schiavo is seeking to replenish his funds. His coffers certainly were not exhausted in the costs of rehabilitative treatments for his hapless wife or in an elaborate funeral.

SOURCE: "CNSNEWS.COM Cybercast News Service"