Friday, August 26


Here are the final results from Patrick Ruffini. Giuliani supporters ought to be delighted and encouraged. I agree with Patrick that Newt Gingrich's 3rd place showing was nonetheless "strong," given that he's not an avowed candidate, although he sure appears to be testing the waters. Newt earned my vote.

I find Condi Rice's over-arching strength as a "fantasy candidate" difficult to understand. She is neither a seasoned politician nor betrays the kind of outgoing personality that generally wins elections. And she's a black woman who has not received any more than paltry support (or appreciation) from black voters who continue to blindly support en masse the Democratic Party, which is still being led by its vociferous, intractable, extremist left-wing.

A Rice candidacy is a pipe dream for her supporters. A logical next step for her would be the GOP's Vice Presidential nomination in 2008.

FOLLOW-UP: For background information on Giuliani, click here and here.

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