Tuesday, August 23


Here's a headline story from Matt Drudge -- i.e., a developing story that Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff has had an epiphany of sorts and now acknowledges that "the federal government's detention and deportation system must be fundamentally restructured." The story, according to Matt Drudge, will be amplified in tomorow's edition of the "New York Times."

Notably absent is any mention of tighter border security. President Bush is far from ready for troops on the border, although that is what is needed for starters.

In many prior posts and again in this one today, this writer has told you how "OTMs" -- "other than Mexicans" (and they are numerous) -- essentially get a free pass from the U.S. Border Patrol, only being instructed, if arrested, to appear at a later hearing that, of course, precious few ever show up to. That issue appears to be the thrust of Chertoff's belated recognition of a crisis on the border that is out-of-control. But maybe he and the Bush Administration are finally coming to the realization that their "dog don't hunt" -- namely, that a "War On Terror" and porous borders are contradictory approaches in ensuring homeland security, and more and more Americans aren't buying the song and dance.

The MSM, of course, has come late to the movie.

Credit the blogosphere for educating many Americans on illegal immigration and the homeland security threat of porous borders; but, more importantly, for getting certain politicians off their hindquarters and for being the mainstream media's persistent, pesky gadfly.

FOLLOW-UP: Here's a "Fox News" story on this development, in which Chertoff suggests a study was underway before Governors Richardson or Napolitano made their moves. Always studies; always studies.