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A gentleman (he signed on as "TexasAC") who left a "Comment" on one of my weekend posts about immigration issues was kind enough to point me in the direction of this piece by Anne Minard, published yesterday in the "Arizona Daily Star."

She writes:

Researchers along Arizona's border these days must balance their desire to study wildlife in the Sonoran Desert - where the chance to observe long-protected desert-dwelling populations proves an irresistible lure - with a growing fear of theft by desperate border crossers or violence from drug and people smugglers.
The fears are fueled by a surge of assaults this year on Border Patrol agents and by some close calls involving researchers: stolen cars, a work trailer hauled into Mexico before it was recovered and a University of Arizona student robbed at gunpoint.
Anne continues:

There's no question the border is getting rougher.
The Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol - which stretches from the New Mexico border almost to California - has documented 216 assaults against its officers this fiscal year, which started in October. That's up from 118 for all of last fiscal year, 115 in 2003 and 146 in 2002. The numbers are up partly because there are more officers on staff, Border Patrol spokesman Jose Garza said. But they're still worrisome.

"The assaults are also going up in severity," he said. "In the outskirts, they're using the vehicles to try to ram our agents, shooting our agents in an attempt to avoid arrest."

Of 383,413 apprehensions so far this year, records checks on 28,900 of the people involved revealed criminal backgrounds. Because some arrestees are repeat border crossers, the proportion of criminals is actually higher than it looks, Garza said.
"We are catching a lot of bad elements," he said. "We're catching murderers. We're catching sexual predators."
And if this doesn't get your blood pressure up, I can't imagine what will:

Oversight is the strictest at Organ Pipe. The monument's policy is to send armed law-enforcement officers with researchers going into some places, particularly those closest to the border. Sometimes research is kept out of certain areas altogether if there's been a spike in illegal activity there.
There's not a thing benign about our porous borders and the present Administration's (or the one before it) indifference to a runaway illegal alien problem. What's happening along our contiguous border with Mexico constitues a human invasion of enormous proportions. And do understand that this invasion, largely unfettered, is not just a threat to homeland security, but is and has been for many years the undoing of any vestiges of homeland security for American citizens living there, working there, and, as this article reveals, conducting research there.

Americans must take the view vis-a-vis border security and the criminal element afoot in our land because of it: do this to any one of us and you do it to me.

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