Thursday, August 18


Here's a must read featured article from today's edition of the " OpinionJournal" -- a piece written by Ronald R. Griffin, who, as with Cindy Sheehan, lost a son in Iraq. Mr. Griffin wants to make clear that the mainstream media's presumption (or should that read "agenda") that Sheehan speaks for all parents who have lost sons or daughters in the Iraq war is just plain wrong. As he makes emphatically clear, Cindy Sheehan does not speak for him.

The mainstream media has failed in many instances in its reporting of the anti-war protest being conducted in Crawford, Texas, by far-left political organizations to put that protest in perspective, to reveal its sources of funding, to identify the authors of its talking points, and to flush out the extremist handlers who have used Mrs. Sheehan's sorrow over the loss of her brave son as a platform for promulgating their anti-Bush propaganda and animus.

As Mr. Griffin writes:

Although we all walk the same sad road of sorrow and agony, we walk it as individuals with all the refreshing uniqueness of our own thoughts shaped in large measure by the life and death of our own fallen hero. Over the past few days I have reached out to other parents and loved ones of fallen heroes in an attempt to find out their reactions to all the attention Mrs. Sheehan has attracted. What emerges from those conversations is an empathy for Mrs. Sheehan's suffering but a fundamental disagreement with her politics.

HAT TIP: "Lucianne"