Wednesday, August 31


My favorite anchorman is Brit Hume of Fox News and I'd make that statement regardless of the network with which he was affiliated. But, Hume and Fox News editors in combo ought to be more politic than to do a short news segment on Cindy Sheehan's opinion of Hurricane Katrina and its root cause, which she claims, of course, is President Bush's "failed environmental policies." They did this this evening and I'm annoyed.

If the death of her son in combat in Iraq gave her some platform and cachet to denounce President Bush and the war in Iraq, so be it. I, for one, think she's a miserable spokesperson -- vulgar, inarticulate, and convoluted. But, if George Soros and Michael Moore want to adopt her as one of their own, and she willingly goes along for the ride, well ... then the Left will be heard and her credentials as a war protestor are as good as anyone else's on that side of the political spectrum, I suppose.

But for a major news network to decide that she should be heard on national and international television opining on how the president caused Hurricane Katrina, well that's just plain over the top. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion in this country; but no one has a right to have his or her voice carried around the globe by a compliant, fawning media. Unadulterated ignorance ought not to be marketed on television except in boring television sitcoms and on so-called reality T.V.

Put Cindy on Jerry Springer where, in the context of her growing blather on a range of subjects of which she is patently unstudied, she'd be right at home; but, Brit, dear Brit, not on the nightly news! Cindy is so far in over her head and the Soros/Moore/Sheen/Sharpton levee that surrounds her so irrevocably ruptured, that the whole bunch of them are drowning in their own poisoned hyperbole.