Tuesday, August 2


I heartily suggest to you that you read Frosty Wooldridge's latest column, "Why The Border Patrol Can't Do Its Job."

Here's an excerpt:

What do 20 million illegal aliens mean to Americans? Mostly, it’s a number, but doesn’t mean much unless you’re one of the people affected by it. Are members of Congress affected by illegal aliens? Do their daughters get raped like the eight women raped by illegals in Boulder, Colorado last year? Do they catch the diseases like the 30 school kids who contracted tuberculosis from unscreened illegal alien kids in Michigan? How about the eight police officers who contracted TB from illegal aliens they arrested in Austin, Minnesota in 2003? Do the drugs being brought over our border annually by illegal aliens addict Congress’ kids? Did any members of Congress have their vehicles stolen out of the Congressional parking lot like the 57,600 cars that were stolen by illegals in Phoenix last year? Do Congressional representatives stand in unemployment lines like 18 million Americans because their jobs have been stolen by illegals, out-sourced, in-sourced and off-shored?
And here's where Frosty hits the nail on the head and, hopefully, stirs American patriots to action:

Which begs the question. Who is in charge of making sure Border Patrol officers CAN’T do their jobs? His name is George Bush who hands down orders to the Border Patrol. His phone number is 1 202 456 1111 or president@whitehouse.com if you’d like to call him to ask him to support his officers instead of preventing them from doing their jobs. Otherwise, why pretend to be working for his country and fulfilling his job when he isn’t? What happens when the next illegal alien that gets to roam around our country turns out to be a guy who drives a twin engine plane loaded with C-4 plastic into an NFL game with 80,000 Americans?

To my way of thinking, this man deserves a medal from Congress for the stellar work he does in revealing the impact of runaway illegal immigration on our country and the implications to national security of our porous borders. Of course, neither the Congress, nor the president, is going to honor any time soon an American citizen who regularly points to the gross indifference and calculated inaction of our Washington politicians vis-a-vis illegal immigration.

As you know, these are hot buttons of mine and I devote a lot of space in my blog to these troubling issues of huge import to our country. And I will continue to do so. Immigration reform (sans amnesty) and border security must be front and center on the national agenda. How can you help and join forces? Frosty Wooldridge provides the following (a "What You Can Do" checklist), which I encourage you to take a look at and, hopefully, act on.

The proverbial journey of a thousand miles begins with the first conscious step -- the recognition that a serious problem exists with frightening implications for our country's national security and long-term survival. Get involved.

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