Saturday, August 27


Mark Noonan has put up a good post at "GOPbloggers" making the case that if Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2008, the lunatic Left that has for so long held the party hostage will either sit out the election altogether or field an anti-war, Third Party candidate, which, in either scenario, renders Hillary's run at the White House unsuccessful. Ironically, however, Mark theorizes that a Hillary Clinton-headed Democratic ticket, with Hillary running as a bona fide centrist, is perhaps the only way to chase the extreme Left from the party. Either scenario costs the Dems the election, but pseudo-centrist (my description) Clinton or any legitimately moderate candidate will lose the battle, but win the war, by restoring an equilibrium in the Democratic Party and a less extremist posture.

As Mark concludes:

The hope is that a strong Democrat will fall on his political sword and do it by getting the Democratic nomination and forcing the left out...the loss in 2008 would be reparable on such terms, while a loss in 2008 while running an anti-war candidate would likely end the Democrats forever.
This, of course, presumes that the Bush conservative base will hold and not splinter into factions come the nominating process in 2008 and that the war in Iraq will not have thoroughly degenerated into an inescapable mire or, God forbid, transformed itself into an internecine civil war. It also dismisses implicitly a viable Third Party candidacy by a break-away Republican (e.g., John McCain) or strong anti-war Independent. Either could upset the apple cart for the Republicans and drain off enough Republican votes to land the Clintons back in the White House.

The war in Iraq is the swing vote.