Wednesday, August 17


I want to thank Peter Daou of's "Daou Report" for continuing to carry the link to this particular post of mine on the Cindy Sheehan three-ring circus out in Crawford, Texas, brought to you courtesy of the and Michael Moore crowd.

Understand, they're the message, not Mrs. Sheehan, who is being spoon-fed talking points and anti-Bush animus. Her original position vis-a-vis the president has been bent to suit others' purposes on the anvil of liberal extremism. She's been duped.

Anyway, the "Daou Report" gives polibloggers on both sides of the political spectrum a fair hearing and I appreciate it.

In my post, I wrote the following:

Cindy Sheehan can accomplish far more, both in memory of the noble sacrifice her brave son made in Iraq, as well as for our nation and its legitimate citizens, by getting herself and her rag-tag contingent of liberal handlers out of the tent city they've set up in a roadside culvert in Crawford, Texas, and moving the raucous caravan on down the road to the Texas-Mexico border -- somewhere, I'd suggest, between Brownsville and Laredo. That's where the mainstream media ought to have its cameras and news commentators positioned; and that's where the liberals, deliriously looking for a battle they can win, can lay claim to an issue that desperately needs attention and decisive, timely action. The circus in Crawford could become a juggernaut in south Texas.
And I concluded:

Mrs. Sheehan can bask in the short-lived media fame of blaming the president for the death of her son and, in the final analysis, for a cause that will never gain traction with the majority of Americans. Or, if she's now into fighting the good fight and has the stamina and resolve, can indeed find a good fight on an issue with which she'll discover most Americans are in lockstep.

Our president (and I voted for him twice) is far more vulnerable politically in his neglect of the border security issue at home, than he is for having taken the fight to the enemy in Iraq. The rabble gathered in Crawford, Texas, have convinced Cindy Sheehan to carry the wrong seed pod.

They've snatched her up for their own nefarious, poisoned purposes. These body snatchers need to move south and deal with the anything but fictional invasion there.