Wednesday, August 3


Juan Mann deserves kudos for this revealing piece (published at "VDARE") on Senators John Cornyn's (R-TX) and Jon Kyl's (R-TX) collaboration in stepping to the beat of the Bush Administration vis-a-vis so-called immigration reform -- namely, amnesty for illegal aliens under the guise of a Guest Worker program.

S. 1438 is not an alternative to the McCain-Kennedy legislation, but rather competing with it to accomplish virtually the same goals: amnesty for the millions already here illegally; a continuing influx of so-called cheap labor (not cheap from the taxpayers' point of view); and a superficial pass at improved border security.

Don't be duped. This is not a solution to the issue of porous borders and its implications for homeland security. This is blatant pandering to select business interests.

HAT TIP: "The Immigration Blog"

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