Monday, August 15


Cindy Sheehan can accomplish far more, both in memory of the noble sacrifice her brave son made in Iraq, as well as for our nation and its legitimate citizens, by getting herself and her rag-tag contingent of liberal handlers out of the tent city they've set up in a roadside culvert in Crawford, Texas, and moving the raucous caravan on down the road to the Texas-Mexico border -- somewhere, I'd suggest, between Brownsville and Laredo. That's where the mainstream media ought to have its cameras and news commentators positioned; and that's where the liberals, deliriously looking for a battle they can win, can lay claim to an issue that desperately needs attention and decisive, timely action. The circus in Crawford could become a juggernaut in south Texas.

You see, it is not in Iraq that the President of the United States is letting us down. Rather, it is in turning a deaf ear to the nation in terms of the serious homeland security breech that is our country's porous borders. There are by conservative estimates 11+ million illegal aliens in the United States presently, and our border is being breeched daily, our U.S. Border Patrol agents assaulted constantly, and Americans and their private property threatened and routinely violated. Our country is being invaded. El Plan de Aztlan is very real and it is sinister in its implications. Just last week the governor of New Mexico declared a "State of Emergency" in four counties owing to illegal immigration, illicit drug-running, and their deleterious effects.

The president didn't lie to us about Iraq and WMDs. That is a red herring long ago discarded by intelligent Americans and regardless of their political persuasion. Only left-wing extremists continue to use that careworn canard in an effort to embarrass the president and upend his credibility. President Bush put reliance on faulty intelligence (as did Tony Blair) and had there, in fact, been WMDs in Iraq and had they been used against American allies, then the president would have been remiss and culpable, and many on both the Left and the Right would have been calling for his impeachment.

Where something tantamount to a lie is being promulgated by the Bush Administration, at least a deception of the first rank, is in this notion that we must fight terrorism in the Middle East in order to avoid having to fight terrorists on our own soil. Is that not an incongruous claim, if not an outright deception, when our porous borders are a "Welcome" mat to terrorists, thugs and criminals? That President Bush and the Congress did not ensure that our borders were secured on the heels of the "9/11" terrorist attack is gross negligence, a grievous dereliction of duty, and is at odds with George Bush's arguments that we are at war, that terrorists must be defeated, and that to do so we must, along with waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have a Department of Homeland Security that by its very name is a misnomer when a nation's borders are virtually wide open, can be breeched at will, and even in broad daylight. Think not? Ask Governor Richardson! Or sit in your car on a hillside in El Paso, as I have, and watch them cross the Rio Grande and risk life and limb jaywalking Interstate 10.

So what does this have to do with Cindy Sheehan and her warrior son who died in Iraq? I'll tell you. Mexico is the conduit for thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into this country. And not just Mexican nationals enter our country illegally. So do "OTMs" -- so-called "other than Mexicans." Do your research or read this blog regularly. Brazillians, Chinese, and, yes, even Middle Easterners. There are Mexican border towns whose economic lifeblood is in providing staging areas for human smugglers to hook up with those wanting to be smuggled, and in selling provisions to both. And, be assured, the human smugglers don't care if they traffic in fruit-pickers, criminals on the run, or would be terrorists. Come one, come all. Makes no difference to them, as they're breaking the law anyway.

But more to the point, Mexico was quick in the aftermath of "9/11" and when the president sent troops to Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban, to tell us and the world it was going to sit on the sidelines in the international War On Terror. Indeed, Mexico took issue with us and their criticism was haughty. That's El Presidente Vicente Fox and the corrupt government of Mexico in spades. They can't even protect their own in Nuevo Laredo, where drug cartels have taken over the border town, police chiefs and public officials are assassinated, and kidnappings have become as commonplace as street vendors.

You see, Cindy Sheehan's son, and all of the brave men and woman who have been killed or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, were sent there by the president to defeat terrorism and to preserve the freedom and liberty of all Americans. Is not that after all what the U.S. Marines and the "Long Gray Line" are doing for us now and have done for us throughout the course of our nation's history, along with other branches of our armed forces -- preserved our freedom and liberty and democratic form of government for Americans and future generations of Americans?

Well, that may have been the case through most of our nation's history, back when the "melting pot" was formed by wave after wave of immigrants entering our country legally and working hard to assimilate culturally, to learn English, and to become full-fledged American citizens, committed to this nation and its rich, hard-fought traditions of constitutional freedoms and liberties.

But Cindy Sheehan's son fought and gave up his life in part for 11+ million illegal aliens (and with millions more to come) and for a Commander-In-Chief who cannot secure Iraq's borders and refuses stubbornly to secure our own. The American military shouldn't be fighting for illegal aliens who come from countries, among them Mexico -- countries which refuse to ally with the United States and other western democracies in defeating terrorists and terrorism. Die for the United States; die for its allies; but don't die for lawbreakers and a country, Mexico, which publishes "How-To" pamphlets on how to get into America illegally and shirks its international responsibilities.

Our sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting a war that Mexico refuses to fight, while at the same time encouraging its citizens to emigrate illegally to our homeland in order to enjoy economic and social benefits paid for by American taxpayers, and freedoms and liberties redeemed with the blood of American fighters. It's scandalous and entirely unfair, and our government is complicit in this abomination. And what do those illegals do? They send back to Mexico billions of dollars in remittances annually and to such an extent that those remittances are Mexico's second largest income stream after oil exports. Meanwhile, America's treasure is expended and its sons and daughters killed and maimed to ensure a rich bounty of benefits for illegal immigrants.

Mrs. Sheehan can bask in the short-lived media fame of blaming the president for the death of her son and, in the final analysis, for a cause that will never gain traction with the majority of Americans. Or, if she's now into fighting the good fight and has the stamina and resolve, can indeed find a good fight on an issue with which she'll discover most Americans are in lockstep.

Our president (and I voted for him twice) is far more vulnerable politically in his neglect of the border security issue at home, than he is for having taken the fight to the enemy in Iraq. The rabble gathered in Crawford, Texas, have convinced Cindy Sheehan to carry the wrong seed pod.

They've snatched her up for their own nefarious, poisoned purposes. These body snatchers need to move south and deal with the anything but fictional invasion there.