Tuesday, August 16


You will now find in this site's Links/Blogroll, under the heading QUI TACET CONSENTIT, a link to March Together For Life. I was contacted by Peter Shinn and I'm pleased to help this Pro-Life organization.

I encourage you to click on their site's link and then click again, please, on the Can I live? Click here for the video link (towards the top of the right sidebar) on the "March Together For Life" page that will appear. Once on that page, kindly click on the Can I live? hypertext you'll see in a box in the top-right side of the screen.

Hope I haven't confused you.

Now, then, an editorial comment ...

I'm not into rap or hip-hop and so much so that I could not reasonably define either genre of the popular music world, if asked, other than to say "I don't like it." And, fact is, I tend to be a Bill O'Reilly type, oftentimes taking issue with the lyrics and the nihilistic-hedonistic philosophies that are espoused and which play to the ears and minds of impressionable youth. More often than not I find the lyrics repugnant and the characterization of women offensive.

So, I must say I was taken aback and pleasantly surprised with the Can I live? video and trust many of my readers will be too. It contains a powerful Pro-Life message and particularly at its conclusion. I'm not a convert to the music genre yet, but I'm heartened that an artist has made a positive statement through his music!

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