Wednesday, August 17


This report from the "Los Angeles Times" caught my attention, because we have a next door neighbor from hell whose barking dogs and inconsiderate behavior ruin our quality of life, so I'm sensitive to what the president, Mrs. Bush, and their neighbors must be going through in Crawford, Texas, with the cacophonous Sheehan Circus & Road Show doing its thing, complemented as it is by a force of mainstream media idolaters and mindless curiousity seekers.

This from the LAT's piece is telling:

Mattlage said most of his neighbors were upset by the presence of the protesters, and he was just the first to speak up.

"I don't want nobody to get hurt," Mattlage said.

"I just want them to pack their damn tents and go where they came from."

About half a mile away from Mattlage's place, Harrison let the protesters have their news conference on her circle drive a week ago because she thought they should have an opportunity to present their views.

But by Tuesday, she said that she, too, was ready for them to leave. Her parents, Pete and Linda Martinka, had fled their adjacent Lazy Czech Ranch and planned to spend several days on the road to get away from the Camp Casey scene.

Harrison's husband, Vernon, said he would be glad to see the camp residents go.

"Property rights is what I'm having a big problem with," Vernon Harrison said. "I've got these guys up here beating and banging on drums and guitars and making noise all hours of the night. There's nothing I can do."
The local police ought to arrest the protestors who are disturbing the peace and violating area residents' property rights, but then a deafening howl from the leftists gathered in Crawford (and across the blogosphere) would ensue and the whole sorry scene would just escalate. Property rights are not respected anymore, even by the United States Supreme Court. And neighborly civility has obviously been rebuffed by some of the anti-war mob.

But, before you Sheehan sympathizers start venting over my remarks do understand this: I think President Bush is getting a taste of his own medicine, but not in any way, shape, or form to the degree that Texas property owners along the Texas-Mexico border are suffering. His deaf ear to their plight is staggering, not just because he is President of the United States, but also because he was once their governor before moving into the White House. George Bush has been derelict in both executive roles in neglecting the rights of those good people in south Texas who have their property overrun, their homes vandalized, and their persons threatened by wave after wave of illegal immigrants trespassing on their land.

It's the president's neighbors in Crawford I feel for during this Sheehan Circus & Roadshow. It's obvious that the president is not being too neighborly there in Crawford by staying put for five weeks, nor neighborly in terms of his having turned a deaf ear to the plight of ranchers who live along or near the border with Mexico. They suffer too and worse.

HAT TIP: "Lucianne"