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"ScienceDaily" links to this United Press International (UPI) story (referencing a piece in the "Los Angeles Times") reporting that Pro-Life and Pro-Choice forces have filed lawsuits in Sacramento, California, endeavoring to ensure, from their polar opposite perspectives, that a government-produced voter pamphlet to be mailed to voters in advance of California's November election accurately portrays the Parents Right To Know and Child Protection Initiative -- i.e., Proposition #73.

The proposition, in the United States' most populace state, will require, if passed, parental notification of parents for minors (age 17 or less) seeking abortions, requiring a 48 hour "wait period," after a physician has first notified the minor's parents or legal guardians, before an abortion can be performed. The only exceptions would be in the instance of a pregnant minor's medical emergency or if the court were to rule that such notification was not in the "best interests" of the minor.

Clearly, in the view of this Pro-Life writer, Pro-Choice activist groups are trying their damnest to poison the well with their boilerplate propaganda.

Examples: this from NARAL Pro-Choice California and this from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate.

These organizations are intruding in the lives of pregnant minors and trying to come between them and their parents. And the notion that an abortion constitutes "medical care" in the vast majority of instances -- i.e., when the pregnant minor simply chooses to have her pre-born aborted and no medical risk to her is at stake in carrying the pre-born full-term -- is preposterous. Purposefully killing a pre-born is not "medical care"; it's cold-blooded, calculated murder in my book, albeit SCOTUS' lamentable ROE v. WADE decision declares otherwise.

You'll not read anything in the literature of the Pro-Choice crowd concerning the "safety" or "health" of the pre-born. Nor any admission that abortion is itself a horrific "intrusion" on the growing fetus in the womb -- a human being conceived at conception by God's design. No, "choice" resides, in their minds, exclusively with the mother and even if that mother is a minor.

FOLLOW-UP: Ken Masugi of "The Claremont Institute" writes the following with respect to Proposition #73 and its opponents.

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