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Maybe the Republican governor of the Golden State ought to take a page out of Austin, Texas' way of doing things and have the state legislature meet only once every two years in Sacramento, as this would put a salutary time constraint on the kind of innovative lawmaking California is so noted for and for which it is paying a whithering price.

Greg at "The Hobbesian Conservative" points to the latest ludicrous example of liberal legislators run amuck on the Left Coast -- namely, bills generated in California's Assembly and Senate, respectively, calling for an identification number on shell casings to aid in the apprehension of criminals.

Greg, characteristically, pulls no punches:

So, the California Senate wants to serialize and register all handgun ammunition, and the California Assembly wants the gun to stamp it's own serial number onto the bullet at firing.

Left hand, meet other left hand. I don't suppose you knew what the other was doing.

This is asinine on so many levels that I simply don't have the time to address it. Go read Jeff's comments on his blog.

A machine that etches a microscopic serial number into a shell casing as described in the senate bill would cost around $300,000. What do you suppose a gun that could do the same would cost?

I seem to recall that the state of Maryland tried something like this already. They tried to register the "ballistic fingerprint" of every gun sold. The result was they wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, and didn't catch one criminal.

Gun grabbers are fond of telling us that every gun leaves a distinct marking on the shell casing of the bullet it fires. This is supposedly an unchangeable marking.

Well, not quite-- you can change the "ballistic fingerprint" with a nail file. Am I supposed to believe that some miscreant couldn't erase the microscopic stamp with some 110 grit sandpaper?

This is just another backdoor ban-- they're trying to make guns so expensive that only rich people can own them. (After all, all the criminals are poor people, right?)
What should one expect of a state that boasts the likes of Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsome, and others of their ilk, and whose muddled voters put Gray Davis into the office that was once honored by the presence of Ronald Reagan?

How about laying off the gun industry and dealing with the inordinant number of illegal aliens walking your streets, committing crimes, undermining the healthcare system, and draining the state's coffers! For starters, put an end to "Sanctuary Cities" (i. e., San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco). If you're concerned about law enforcement, disallow these cities from violating the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Control Act.

That would be a good start to the return of sanity in a state that has lost its way.

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