Saturday, August 6


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required for online edition) features an above-the-fold, front page story this morning by Dudley Althaus on the violence-plagued Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo (across the border from Laredo, Texas), where a city councilman and police commander were shot dead yesterday in what Althaus terms a continuing "wave of underworld violence." A total of 109 people have been slain this year with "all but a handfull of the killings ... linked to the narcotic traffickers' turf war for control of the city's smuggling routes into the United States."

Ironically, the two murders yesterday attended U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza's questionable decision, under pressure from the Mexican government, to reopen the American Consulate there, which Garza had closed "following a July 28th shootout between suspected gangsters in a wealthy Nuevo Laredo neighborhood that involved automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades."

Makes one ask when does "gangland violence" become out and out terrorism?

And do understand that the lawlessness and corruption rife in Mexico migrate across our porous southern border every day, regularly threatening U.S. citizens. Howard Dean's demagoguring ill-serves the country and belies the deleterious impact of porous borders and 10-20 million illegal aliens in our midst.

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