Wednesday, August 31


NOTE TO MY READERS: I'm bumping this post up to the top!

I am pleased to be participating in what "The Truth Laid Bear" has headlined as HURRICANE RELIEF BLOG DAY, which will be held tomorrow, September 1st. It is described as:

A day of blogging focused on raising awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Here is the registration page if you'd like to join and add your blog (and your time and effort) to the fund-raising campaign for Hurricane Katrina victims.

To his credit, this is the brainchild of Hugh Hewitt and with the solid support of the widely-read Glenn Reynolds; and, to be sure, "The Bear" deserves kudos for applying his technological know-how to this important enterprise.

My site -- A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT -- will be soliciting your kind willingness to make a donation to "CATHOLIC CHARITIES" on behalf of the thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Here's the link that will facilitate your charitable donation.

Thank you for your consideration in helping the less fortunate!