Friday, August 5


Carl at "No Oil For Pacifists" links (courtesy of "The Royal Flush") to a novelty item posted at "Dr. Sanity" -- namely, a "B*llsh*t Bingo" game that gives conservative polibloggers a clever, laugh-a-minute way to mull through posts from the Left side of the blogosphere (be reminded: "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"), while identifying their buzz terms and repetitious propaganda.

To Pat Santy's clutch of "overused, meaningless phrases" that are street sign warnings that you're about to come to a dead end of liberal hyperventilating (don't forget to yell b*llsh*t when you get five blocks vertically, horizontally, or diagonally!), I would add the following:

From "The Mahablog" .......... Neocon ninnies

From "Eschaton" .......... Radical Mullah Stickypants

From "Daily Kos" .......... New McCarthyite

From "Liberal Oasis" .......... anti-research fringe fundamentalists

From "The Smirking Chimp" .......... right-wing regressive true believer

From "Democratic Underground" .......... wingnut song/wingnut verse

What have my readers come across to add to this Left's List of "old slogans and key words?" If we compile enough of them, Pat Santy can come out with a "Genius Edition" of "B*llsh*t Bingo For Polibloggers."

Regardless, have some fun with it. The Left sure isn't having any fun these days!

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