Wednesday, August 31


Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press (AP) doesn't waste any time in this article to betray the bias against President Bush and the Bush Administration typically found in AP news releases. And she isn't even subtle about it.

To wit:

Bush cut his monthlong vacation by two days even though aides have long contended that his duties are uninterrupted when he spends time at his ranch in nearby Crawford that has White House-level communications capability.
Don't you just love the aides have long contended line. Such objectivity. Apparently the Associated Press remains unconvinced that the president engaged in any work-related duties during his time in Crawford or the trips away from Crawford during his monthlong vacation. It would appear that neither Ms. Sidoti, nor her colleagues at the AP, have corroborated the aides' contention that the president's vacation was indeed a "working vacation."

This vacation certainly has had the elite mainstream media in an uproar. The audacity of the President of the United States to seek a little "R&R" from the tremendous pressures of the job and the fishbowl existence of life in the White House and in Washington D.C.

Don't you think Ms. Sidoti ought to demand a full accounting of what the president did hour by hour each and every day to satisfy her mind that he properly earned his vacation pay? Goodness, there must be a log!

Two other lines of hers jump off the page:

Returning to Washington ahead of schedule also could insulate the president from criticism that he was on vacation during the (Katrina) crisis ...

A one-time oilman, Bush has rejected charges that the war in Iraq is a struggle to control the nation's (Iraq's) vast oil wealth.
The latter of the two is a real MSM classic and ought to be placed in the MSM Propaganda Hall of Fame. Bush -- the one-time oilman.

Since the MSM couldn't unearth the United Nations' Oil-For-Food scandal, I guess it can only speculate on, rather than confirm or dismiss, whether or not the Bush Administration has diverted Iraqi oil, or proceeds from its sale, to U.S. storage tanks or treasury coffers.

Nice hatchet job, Ms. Sidoti.