Monday, August 1


I wrote the following post back on May 15th futily trying to get some legs in the blogosphere for my growing suspicions -- supported by a Mark Steyn piece on the subject -- that Asian tsunami relief was not getting to the victims and that there was precious little accountability for the disposition of the huge sums collected. I even took former presidents Bush ('41) and Clinton to task:

Tell me this: why haven't two former presidents of this country been monitoring the relief efforts that they've attached their reputations and persuasive powers to in raising huge sums of money? Why didn't we hear it from them, rather than from Mark Steyn? Can they be oblivious to what Steyn knows to be the case. I DON'T THINK SO!
Now this post today from Betsy Newmark of "Betsy's Page" linking to this provocative claim that tsunami relief funds may be falling into the hands of terrorists!

Well, "ACSOL" couldn't get the traction, but "Betsy's Page" will. The question becomes: does anyone care?