Tuesday, August 16


Regular Readers Of and Visitors To This Site,

I published a post last evening on Cindy Sheehan's ongoing anti-war protest (and "anti" a lot of other things, as what she's upset about is becoming a proverbial dog's breakfast, as each additional day passes and her handlers give her new talking points) at President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch.

I was gratified to have Peter Daou link to my post at Salon's "Daou Report" and, as a "tail of the blogosphere" blogger, was looking forward to getting a wider dissemination of my viewpoints than I typically enjoy (and hopefully see something other than a goose egg in my Trackbacks).

Last evening I noticed a couple of misspellings in my post, one of which was "SEEED" (sic) in my post's headline. I went in through the edit feature of "Blogger" and corrected it to read "SEED." Unwittingly, that resulted in the link not working, of course, since the URL for my post still had the incorrect spelling.

I couldn't catch on to my screw-up right away this morning, because as luck would have it a thunderstorm knocked out our phones and DSL, so I've just been able in the past 30 minutes or so to log on and use the Internet, as the phone repairman just completed his work. I've since edited the headline back to the original "SEEED" spelling to make the link functional.

Anyway, I learned something in the process and I do apologize for the inconvenience. Just when I get an opportunity to be read, I manage to make it impossible for new visitors to my site to do so.

Sorry, Folks! Sorry, Peter!

Bernard Higgins