Monday, August 29


With "APOCYPHAL NOW," starring Cindy Sheehan and Martin Sheen, already out on DVD after a huge bust in attendance in theatres over the weekend, its producer, George Soros, moved quickly today to get a "REDUX" version into distribution with cast additions and an even more duplicitous story line. The question, of course, is whether he's just chasing good money after bad.

Al Sharpton joins the cast as a misguided, self-serving, man-of-the-cloth who tries fitfully to bring respectability to an otherwise ignoble cause, but in the end succumbs to his own penchant for bias and cheesy respectability. His hard-to-view, candle-lit love scene with Cindy Sheehan comes near the end of the movie and purportedly cost the sequel an "R" rating ("R" for regretable) and many theatre-goers their cookies.

Michael Moore makes his first film appearance since "Fahrenheit 9/11" as the smartass swiftboat captain, who commandeers the boat from Jimmy Carter's slip(s), and takes Sheehan, Sheen, and Sharpton up the Potomac River on their ill-advised mission, eventually taking a spear to the chest from a rabid, right-wing evangelist, when he draws his craft too near the eastern shoreline. In a cameo appearance, Jessie Jackson is seen chasing after the assassin, sporting a "Keep Hope Alive" T-shirt and a Venezuelan flag lapel pin.

Perhaps the best action sequence in the entire remake comes early on after the fuming foursome leave dusty Crawford and the endormophic Moore leads his unsavory team of Sheehan, Sheen, and Sharpton up the fog-laced Houston Ship Channel in a stealth commando raid on Republican House Majority Leader Tom Delay's offices. Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" blares over the swiftboat's speakers and adds considerable drama to the scene.

NOTE: Hammer & Sickle give "REDUX" a two-thumbs-up!

SOURCE OF PHOTO: Lorie Byrd via Michelle Malkin