Friday, August 12


Whew! When the lady gets her Irish up the words pour forth in the blogging equivalent of a Mount St. Helens' eruption. The Anchoress only days ago called for a few days of quiet time away from the computer because the blogosphere had become much too loud. She had grown weary of the vitriol being punched out "in a war of words" on the keyboards of polibloggers and mainstream media jounalists and political commentators. Enough! had become her battle cry. But her self-imposed hiatus was short-lived.

Today, in this spirited jeremiad, she amplifies those sentiments in a clarion call for objectivity and self-reflection on the part of polibloggers at both ends of the political spectrum, challenging them , indeed exhorting them, not to get "caught up in the heat of things."

Well, I'm not inclined to go into the confessional, having read her fulmination, because I'm not among those she chastises on the Right for refusing "to allow any criticism whatsoever, no matter how temperate or constructive, against the Bush Administration." This right-of-center poliblogger has regularly taken the president (and his Administration) to task for his patent indifference to the porous borders' homeland security threat, the lack of clear, regular communications to the nation on the conduct and progress of the war in Iraq, and, most assuredly, for the president's and Republican-controlled Congress' pronounced lack of fiscal restraint in a time of war.

To be sure, I've fired some salvos across the bow of left-of-center polibloggers, usually in the context of returning fire, however, and more often than not in a humorous tone. But to The Anchoress' point, I'll do some naval-gazing in that regard.

Where I am strident and admittedly so is in my anti-abortion, Right-To-Life stance, and from that position I will not take any steps backwards. Period! I write that in good conscience.

Indeed, in my Pro-Life position, I'll not heed the well-intentioned admonishment of The Anchoress, but rather heed the words of Barry Goldwater:

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
Liberty and justice for preborns -- truly sentient human beings -- is an obligation that God Himself requires of us and Roe v. Wade must be overturned.