Monday, August 22


I recently wrote this piece suggesting that not only has the noise level significantly increased in this country vis-a-vis porous borders and illegal immigration, but that, more to the point, indicators within the political realm suggest the "melting pot" is nearly at full boil. I was privileged to receive a link from the "VDARE" blog and I sure have cause to return the favor.

I urge you to spend some time reading through Steve Sailer's trenchant post and its many links -- a column at "VDARE's homepage in which Sailer makes the case that the media in this country is finally beginning to show signs of getting it and coming to a realization that illegal immigration and its inherent homeland security threat are newsworthy and, at least in some MSM circles, worthy of accurate reporting, rather than liberal spin. Besides, with some democratic politicians reversing engines and finally steering in the direction of border security, it follows that the MSM will march to the beat of Richardson and Napolitano-style Epiphanies.

Look for a thought-provoking current in Mr. Sailer's post -- namely, that open borders do not serve the best interests of the immigrant either.