Monday, August 29


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports this morning (via an Associated Press story) that the American Civil Liberties Union is busy in El Paso, Texas, doing a disservice to American citizens everywhere and the volunteer-patriot Minuteman Project members in particular. This certainly comes as no surprise from this pseudo-guardian cabal of left-wing attorneys which masquerades as a stalwart defender of our country's founding documents.

Our job is to conserve America's original civic values -- the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Yeah, right. Here's what they're up to:

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union on Saturday began training volunteers in El Paso who plan to monitor the Minuteman volunteers during their planned patrols along the border in October.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. said it plans to patrol Texas' border with Mexico in October, repeating an action it took along Arizona's border in April. The group, which seeks to reduce illegal immigration, also has said it will watch day laborers in Houston and write down the license plate numbers of contractors who pick them up.

The ACLU plans to have volunteers, wearing clearly marked shirts, watch to ensure there are not civil or human rights violations along the border.

"When you go and you actually talk to them, you'll see that the underlying reason they're here is not because of immigration or drugs, but because this country is changing," Claudia Guevara, a coordinator from Los Angeles for ACLU's Legal Observer program, said in a story in Sunday's online edition of the El Paso Times.

America is changing, to be sure, but not in a manner that deserves this brand of "protection."

Why doesn't the ACLU help James Johnson and his family of New Mexico whose ranch land along the U.S.-Mexico border has U.S. Border Patrol-declared "forbidden zones" -- sections of Mr. Johnson's property so over-run with illegal aliens that federal officials have advised family members to stay away for fear of harm befalling them.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is denied this American family. But the ACLU is bound and determined to ensure that its distorted view of the "rights" that illegal aliens should enjoy once they breech our nation's southern border is preserved. And to do so, they'll harrass and intimidate (with threat of lawsuits) an organization and its American citizens that did this nation proud in April in the Tucson corridor. It's disgraceful. And I ask: where's the outrage?

It's become an upside down world in the United States. The invaders (10,000 per day) are looked after zealously by brash legal teams and emboldened activist groups; by contrast, the hapless victims of the invasion are left to their own devices, not even protected by their own government, and are, to be sure, at every turn, intimidated or challenged in courts of law.

It's disgraceful. Bloggers ought to be pounding this issue.