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I've declared in several prior posts, and in the context of linking to Patrick Ruffini's August Straw Poll on likely 2008 GOP presidential contenders, that I am favoring a Newt Gingrich candidacy at this juncture. The man is brilliant, articulate, and innovative, and he'd be more than a handful for Hillary Clinton, particularly in the presidential debates of 2008.

ACE favors Rudolf Giuliani and declares he was "a Giuliani man in college" and remains "a Giuliani man to this day."

I must say that the former mayor of New York has tremendous appeal for me and obviously for many Republicans, as he's the clear-cut leader in the Ruffini poll, capturing nearly 5,000 or 30% of the 16,507 votes cast to date . Too, I believe that Rudolf Giuliani is the natural Republican heir to the two-term Bush presidency's War On Terror, given his leadership and reassuring demeanor following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on his city and his sterling credentials as an executive and former prosecutor. There's no doubt in my mind that, as with Newt Gingrich, Mr. Giuliani would be an articulate spokesman for the Republican Party and a skilled debator who could slice and dice Hillary Clinton mercilessly.

My issue with Giuliani is his Pro-Choice position. That remains a litmus test for me vis-a-vis GOP presidential nominee hopefulls.

ACE anticipates this hurdle among "the strongly conservative Republican base," of which I am a member, having voted for George Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and fervently so because of what I construed to be his deeply held belief in the sanctity of life and his disapproval of Roe v. Wade and determination to put strict constructionists on the U.S. Supreme Court in hopes of an eventual reversal of that abominable pro-abortion decision.

But ACE suggests among his prescriptions for Giuliani that he do "some nakedly-political backtracking on abortion" because Bush '41 got away with such a contrived change-of-heart to advance his candidacy and because Bush '43 was anything but irrevocably, unequivocally committed to a Pro-Life position.

ACE, by his own words, is recommending something tantamout to a "sham" position for Giuliani on Pro-Life in order to be more palatable to the Republican's conservative base. As ACE suggests, Giuliani wouldn't have to become a "whole hog" anti-abortion advocate; rather, he'd just have to reverse gears enough from his previous position to secure a toehold in the Pro-Life camp and be perceived as against abortion.

This to me would be a ruse easily flushed out. Hillary Clinton's position (and that of her husband) that we should strive in this country to make abortion "safe, legal, and rare" belies her staunch, irrevocable support of Roe v. Wade and is just another in a series of contrived political moves to position herself as a centrist. Giuliani's trump card is his personal integrity and that integrity would be thoroughly compromised if he did anything other than a genuinely avowed change of heart on the abortion issue. And absent doing so, I think the Bush base will not support Giuliani in the final analysis.

The Republican Party doesn't have to embrace the Pro-Choice camp to win the White House; nor should it ever be cunningly deceitful in avowing a Pro-Life platform.

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