Tuesday, August 9


It almost sounds sexual -- "heavy vetting" -- and maybe there would in fact be a tintillation to it were, as "ACE" suggests, a blog swarm to descend upon the "New York Times" (and other MSM publications of its ilk) to vet its journalists and editorial writers who see no wrong in what the Gray Lady endeavored to do to SCOTUS' nominee John Roberts by trying to dredge up his children's adoption records for a look see.

Turnaround is fair play -- that's the theme of "ACE's" post this morning and he's in a lather, and appropriately so, over the NYT (in the brash tradition of the liberal, take-no-prisoners MSM) crossing the line of jounalistic propriety in its own version of high political purpose -- a "digging and smearing" campaign vis-a-vis the Bush nominee.

As "ACE" challenges the MSM:

Ya'll really ready to play by the same rules you torment the rest of us with?

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