Friday, August 12


What are Americans to think? The Associated Press (AP) reports this morning that the 9/11 Commission purposefully omitted from its report information that attested to the fact that ...

military intelligence officials had identified lead hijacker Mohamed Atta as a member of al-Qaida who might be part of U.S.-based terror cell more than a year before the terror attacks but decided not to include that in its final report, a spokesman acknowledged Thursday.
Who are we to believe?

HAT TIP: "Lucianne"

FOLLOW-UP: Here is an excerpt from a must-read post by Captain Ed of "Captain's Quarters":

A commenter asks me if I believe that Saddam had an active role in 9/11. Up to this week, I've been fairly satisfied with the "no proven operational connection" determination made by the 9/11 Commission regarding the attacks -- though reading Hayes' book shows us plenty of other efforts by Saddam to reach out to radical Islamists. With an apparent attempt to suppress certain kinds of evidence now coming to light with the Able Danger revelations, though, the entire report and its conclusions no longer hold much credibility. It appears that the Commission's efforts aimed at supporting a preconceived narrative, and that may be the best that can be said of it.