Wednesday, July 27


In this age of self-centered, callous capriciousness, it comes as no shock that traditional marriage is being assailed on all fronts: by gay activists, politically-correct liberals, an MTV-generation that cut its teeth on instant and continuous gratification, and a nihilist, Euro-culture run amuck. If pre-borns can be aborted by the millions to suit the convenience of their mothers, than what chance does traditional marriage have? Bored with your spouse; attracted to another; marital problems got you down? Then just bail-out. Commitment to anyone and anything be damned.

Ed Morrissey weighs in on this 'til ennui do we part phenomenon in his excellent "Exit Strategies" column in "The Weekly Standard."

HAT TIP: Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction," who, thankfully, has resumed blogging after a hiatus owing to his wife's serious health crisis. His is a blog deserving of being bookmarked and read regularly. I've missed Frank's writing and I'm elated he's back!