Thursday, July 7


The headline of this post was my first reaction to the terrible news of "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe" claiming responsibility for the bomb attacks on London's subway system that have left as many as 33 dead and 300+ injured. And it remains my reaction.

I wonder if France's Jacque Shirac is ashamed of himself today at the G8 Summit, on the heels of his controversial statements about British cuisine now that terrorists have struck one of the few European countries that chose not to follow Shirac's pussilanimous lead in refusing to join the alliance of countries, paced by the United States, that ousted Saddam Hussein and is now battling terrorists in Iraq.

I doubt that this jackass has enough character to be ashamed of himself over anything he does. Shirac cracks assinine jokes about mad cow disease and Bristish food, but won't lift a finger to join forces to repel the mad Islamic disease that takes the form of terrorism and deadly attacks on innocents in the twisted context of its deity.

And let's not stop with Spain, France and Germany (among others). Let's look to our own country and the equivalents as individuals of these nations: Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi (and all too many others)-- you know who they are. All the yellow-striped pontificators -- the ones who will look at this cold-blooded massacre in London and claim the United States and Great Britain, led by Bush and Blair, have stirred up the wrath of the Islamic Jihadists and that the war in Iraq is the genesis of these bombings, not radical Islamism!

I wonder what's going through Dick Durbin's mind right now? Probably this: "Prime Minister Blair, whatever you do, if you're able to nab any of the al-Qaida terrorists who bombed London's subway system, treat them well, do not use any form of interrogation techniques that could arouse my suspicions -- take the high road with the bad guys and, whatever you do, don't feed them British quisine!"

The terrorist bombings in London ought to strengthen our resolve as a nation to win the war on terrorism. But you just watch as this story unfolds ...

POSTSCRIPT: The G-8 leaders have issued a joint statement, according to this report from the Associated Press (AP), vowing to "not allow violence to change our societies or our values ..." As you can see, the joint statement was general enough in nature not to commit the countries of Canada, France, and Germany to actually doing anything to fight terrorists. Laughable was Mexico -- a do nothing country in the war on terrorism, but one which exports its own brand in terms of illegal emigrants, human smugglers, drug kingpins, and drug runners -- agreeing with the spirit of the joint statement. Are you gagging yet? But Bush must make nice with these cowards. After all, recall how liberal Democrats and the MSM made much about the lost prestige of the United States in the community of nations owing to Bush's hard-line approach in taking the war to the terrorists.

Text of G-8 Statement (Source: "Financial Times")