Thursday, July 28


Rodger Morrow of "This isn't writing, it's typing" published this post on July 25th appropriately excoriating Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker Knoll's bad form for crashing univited the funeral of Marine Staff Sergeant Joseph Goodrich, who died in Iraq on July 10th, and callously using his funeral as a platform for handing out her business card to the grieving family and denouncing the war in Iraq, while claiming erroneously that the Pennsylvania state government was officially against the war.

Rodger followed up by posting this piece yesterday in which he takes the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" to task for suggesting, and on the heels of the Lieutenant Governor's apology to the family for her tasteless intrusion, that the Goodrich family's complaint about Catherine Baker Knoll's anti-Bush ploy may have been politically motivated. Seems the newspaper can't bring itself to identify the real political player in this tawdry episode.

Rodger, to his credit, takes the gloves off:

For the media to reduce Ms. Goodrich's anger to "politics" is to perform a kind of moral jiu-jitsu by which military people and their families are still to blame for their support of the war.

It's Vietnam redux—but with the liberal fig leaf that "we support our warriors but not the war they're being asked to fight."

Which is to say that the left still spits on our soldiers (and their loved ones).

But only metaphorically—and from a politically correct distance.

Just another example, if you ask me, of the MSM coming to the aid and comfort of rank leftist cranks who grandstand their misguided causes at any opportunity.

POSTSCRIPT: Mark A. Kilmer provides some insight into how this brouhaha may play into the hands of the GOP in Pennsylvania's next gubernatorial race. (HAT TIP: "Election Projection's Daily Blog Roundup").