Saturday, July 30


"The Anchoress" defends our peripatetic president's 50th trip to his Crawford, Texas ranch during the five years of his presidency in this post and I agree with her that it should be his or any president's prerogative to escape the confines of the fish bowl existence in the White House and the politically-charged city that surrounds it.

However, I lament that President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch isn't in one of the Texas counties contiguous to the Mexico border so that he and Laura could live the existence when at their ranch that Bush's misguided immigration and border security policies have foisted upon Texas property owners who suffer the travail of being incessantly overrun and threatened by illegal aliens, many of them lawbreakers and gang members fleeing Mexico. Maybe then the president would get it through his head that not just the borders of Iraq need securing.

Case in point: read this story on MS-13 gang members human smuggling operations through Bee County, Texas, which is in the Rio Grande Valley Sector along the Texas-Mexico border! What if the Secret Service had to guard the president and First Lady against MS-13 intrusion when the nation's First Family was staying at the ranch?

FOLLOW-UP: More on what Texas ranchers in the Rio Grande Valley are experiencing!