Tuesday, July 12


When I read this pointed, on-target post by Greg Wallace of What Attitude Problem? on Senator Barack Obama's (D-IL) candor in saying that the Democratic Party is still trying to determine what its core values are, the Prologue of one of my favorite novels came to mind: Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward, Angel.

Truly the Democratic Party is lost -- a party without a moral compass, adrift in its own ocean of banality, and driven by the currents of Euro-style secularism and an abiding nihilism.

Greg Wallace's point, however, is that the Dems are "lost" only by Republican, Red-State standards; but, to be sure, their tax-and-spend policies, moral bankruptcy, and incessant criticism of the current administration, absent innovative ideas and solutions for the nation's problems, are of their own making and a conscious choice. So, Senator Obama is playing a kind of disingenuous shell game with his constituents. The Democrats are what they have chosen to be and remain so. Indeed, they have shown no substantive inclination to shed that which makes them unattractive to a majority of voters.

Better put: they still don't get it and that's why Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, and Dick Durbin (and others of their ilk) remain the spokesmen of a Party that lost its way by picking the wrong way to approach the American heartland.