Wednesday, July 27


Ilona at "True Grit" (always a thoughtful writer) delivers this splendid post on the issue of Muslim accountability for expressing outrage and categorical disapproval of the excesses of its fringe groups -- those who provoke senseless violence and the agents of terrorism who carry it out.

Writes Ilona:

First, let's examine what we are looking at when we speak of the Muslim community exhibiting some internal control in the production of world violence and terrorism. We aren't saying that the expectation is to control everyone's mouth. The call to the Muslim community is to express rejection of those extreme elements, and to stop harboring and enabling the terrorists and their cells. To expose those who bankroll and encourage the slaughtering of people, the dissemination of terror for the sake of terror, and the intolerance of anyone unlike themselves. That is being asked, and it is a reasonable request. Stop supporting terrorists in your midst. Plain and simple.

I don't believe Islam has the type of shunning and excommunication process of Christianity, but every religious and culture group has a peer system of pressure against those things which are taboo. We are saying to call outright unmerited murders of people taboo, and show in their actions and their statements that it is so. Stop enabling, stop excusing, stop winking your eyes at the evil in your midst, arising from your own.

There are ideologues of hatred corrupting Islam for their own sinister purposes and the Muslim community had better step up and in large numbers to both denounce and renounce terrorism, or Christians and Jews will soon not see the distinction between the religion and those who corrupt it.