Friday, July 1


How the Senators, Democrats and Republicans alike, behave in terms of the confirmation process on what will be (had damn well better be) most assuredly the nomination to the United States Supreme Court by President Bush of a Pro-Life, strict Constitutional constructionist will be one of the great litmus tests of our era; and the American people and the majority Party had better demand accountability. Nobody skates this time around. No fence-sitters. No repetition of the Robert Bork fiasco!

I will not pull any punches with my readers: my votes for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 had everything to do with his Pro-Life philosophy. That's what impressed me most about this honorable man. While I trusted him to protect us from terrorists in casting my vote for him in 2004, I was more interested in him placing the kind of people on the Supreme Court of our land (and in the Federal judiciary) who will protect the lives of the unborn from the abjectly selfish Pro-Choice crowd and the gruesome abortion mill industry that serves it.

I remember one presidential debate in particular where George Bush stated his position on abortion candidly and courageously, while Senator Kerry bobbed and weaved. The difference between the two was day and night. Kerry didn't have the courage of his convictions, because he has none.

For me, the key question is how is it that so many politicians in this country can look askance at the wholesale human invasion underway across our southern contiguous border with Mexico, while at the same time holding sacrosanct a "woman's right to choose" -- a euphemistic phrase that in the vast majority of instances means convenience for the mother and needless, oftentimes painful, death for her unborn child. It is beyond my ability to comprehend. For me, abortion is unconscionable, damnable, and thoroughly unacceptable, except in all but the rarest of circumstances.

How can anyone rationalize these grim numbers and the patent immorality of "Roe v. Wade" with the fact that 10 to 20 million illegal aliens are afoot in this country and the McCains and Kennedys in the United States Congress want to grant them amnesty? How about granting amnesty to the innocent, unborn "Americans" whose lives are snuffed out each year and with a cold-blooded indifference that is abominable? A Senator's first priority is to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of Americans, not Mexican nationals.

President Bush's nomination and the confirmation process that ensues will combine as one of the watershed moments in American history. I'm about to find out if I'm going to remain a Republican and whether a Republican majority in the United States Senate and a Pro-Life Republican in the White House can give me what they promised me and what in good conscience they cannot deny me or anyone in this country who believes, first and foremost, in the sanctity of life. Do we continue on the slippery slope of Progressive-Secularism or do we regain our equilibrium and return to the founding principles of this country and the ideas of Nature's God and of Nature's Law?