Friday, July 1


Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner has resigned. The game is on now. President Bush will not be able to state publicly that there will be a Pro-Life litmus test for the candidates he draws from to fill the vacancy, but this writer and two-time voter for the president expects no less. I want the day to come when Roe v. Wade is reversed and the slaughter of the innocents ends, and I'm counting on the president and what I hope will be a genuine Republican majority in the Senate (and in lock-step for a change) to make that happen.

Now, however, we're about to see the true result of the John McCain-led pseudo compromise on the Senate's filibuster rule. We can watch the "Seven Horsemen of the Acepha-Lapse" flit about the floor of the U.S. Senate and in front of the CSPAN cameras, as they posture and endeavor to explain why the Senate Democrats are, true to form, obstructing the confirmation proceedings on the president's nominee and getting away with it. We're about to see just how ineffectual that deal was, despite all of McCain's preening and double-speak.