Friday, July 1


Jesse Jackson, erstwhile self-described civil rights leader, jumped all over El Presidente Vicente Fox's ill-regarded remarks back in May, when Mexico's Harvard-educated leader extolled the virtues of hard-working Mexican emigrants to the United States (not mentioning, of course, their illegality in being here), saying in the process and by invidious distinction that poor Black Americans were unwilling to do the work that Mexicans willingly do in the States. Indeed, after nurturing headlines across the country by decrying the offensiveness and patent racism of Fox's comments, Jesse vowed to go to Mexico City and he did just that. Now the reason for the trip, apart from his penchant for going anywhere, at any time, over most any issue, to get his mug on the front pages, has become clear.

Standing at the site of a landmark school integration battle, the Rev. Jesse Jackson locked arms Thursday with leaders of the nation's two largest Hispanic organizations to repeat his call for a new civil rights coalition.

Jackson said it was time to recall the two communities' shared history of discrimination.

"While some were picking beans, some were picking cotton, but we were both being picked on," he said in front of Little Rock Central High School, where integration in 1957 was the first major test of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling three years earlier.

"Most of the people in the world today are young, brown, black, poor, female, don't speak English," Jackson said. "So let's join the real world: Si, se puede (Yes, it can be done)."

Jackson announced in May he was forming a group that would address issues affecting blacks and Hispanics including fair immigration policies and voting rights.

On Thursday, Jackson appeared with Hector Flores, president of the League of United Latino American Citizens; Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza; and Minnijean Brown-Trickey, one of the famed "Little Rock Nine" who integrated the high school under armed guard.

Jesse Jackson has chosen to disregard the deleterious impact of our porous southern border and the millions of illegal immigrants in this country and, modeling his self-serving behavior after both major political parties, sees in the 10 - 20 million illegals afoot in our land (and with more of them breeching our borders every day) a propitious opportunity for shoring up his crumbling civil rights' activist base and enervated voting block. If he pulls this off, because the President and the Congress abet him by continuing to turn a deaf ear to "sans amnesty" immigration reform and tighter border security, Jesse's "Rainbow/PUSH Coalition" will in time take on a decidely more brown, rather than black, cast. In doing so, he'll be putting Mexico's interests first, not America's, and will be (despite the pretense of an avowed "coalition") disavowing his interest in the issues of his own race. Just look at the huge growth in the Hispanic population in this country, fueled by an unfettered human invasion from the south, and the handwriting is on the wall. Jesse's going where the action is. "Good-bye Watts; Hello El Monte!"

Important in what Jesse is doing is to take a hard look at the organizations he's courting and with whom he's endeavoring to affiliate: the League of United Latin American Citizens (the word "citizens" is interesting, don't you think?) and the National Council of La Raza, both of which actively promote amnesty for illegal aliens and lobby for the near full-fledged rights of American citizenship for people who are anything but.

Both former President Clinton and current DNC Chairman Howard Dean will be addressing LULAC's convention in Little Rock, Arkansas, tonight and over the weekend, so Jesse is not doing anything but being a fast-follower of the Democratic Party's fondness for exploiting this country's Number #1 domestic security issue: illegal immigration. But know, too, that President Bush is sending Cabinet members to the convention as well. So just what kind of organizations are Jesse Jackson and this country's two major political parties falling all over themselves to align with?


Although the formal trappings remain — the official colors of LULAC are still red, white, and blue; the official logo is still a shield emblazoned with the stars and stripes and bearing the name "LULAC"; "Washington's prayer" remains the official prayer of LULAC; "America" is still the official hymn; and the Pledge of Allegiance continues to be recited at the start of meetings — the LULAC which so vigorously championed traditional "Americanism" is gone. Today, LULAC is a "Hispanic" supremacist group advocating actions that are diametrically opposed to those championed by its founders.

The original LULAC declared "Mexican-Americans" to be "white," a part of the same race as European-Americans, and successfully lobbied both the federal and Texas governments to officially classify them as such. Nearly a quarter of a century later, LULAC's position changed. Beginning with Hernandez v. Texas in 1954 and finalized in OMB Directive No. 15 in 1977, LULAC succeeded in having the federal government recognize "Mexicans," and all "Hispanics," as separate from European-Americans and essentially "non-white" so as to be eligible for affirmative action programs.

While the original LULAC emphasized "Mexican-Americans" were "Americans" sharing the same national interests as other "Americans," today LULAC's goals center on "group entitlements" as can be seen in The 1998 LULAC Legislative Platform available on its website (

Among its objectives expansion of American empowerment and enterprise zones along the U.S.-Mexican border; incentives for "Hispanic" small businesses; retention of affirmative action hiring policies "to ensure diversity in all workplaces"; preventing California Proposition 209 from being enforced; increasing the number of "Hispanic Serving Institutions" and according them "as many of the same benefits provided to Historically Black Colleges and Universities"; increasing the number of "Hispanics" at all levels of the federal government and in the civil service, especially at "key positions in the State Department, the Foreign Service and the United Nations"; confirmation of 60 "Hispanic" judges; appointing a "Hispanic" as the next Supreme Court justice; employing sampling for the 2000 census; having the Census Bureau include the population on the island of Puerto Rico in the total "Hispanic" population for the United States; increasing the number of "Hispanic oriented programming in TV and print" as well as having the major media companies increase the number of "Hispanics" employed in "creative positions."

U.S. citizenship is no longer important. Membership in LULAC is not restricted to U.S. citizens. "Residents of the United States" are now eligible to become members (Article III of the Constitution of the League of United Latin American Citizens). Interestingly, it does not specify that they be legal residents. U.S. Citizenship is also apparently not a qualification for National, State, and District Officers, whether elected or appointed. (Article VIII, Section 4).

LULAC's apparent attempt to denigrate the meaning and value of U.S. citizenship extends to the franchise. In The 1998 LULAC Legislative Platform, the organization appears to condone, if not actually promote, the violation of this country's election laws. According to the section entitled "Voter Registration and Citizenship" "LULAC actively encourages eligible Hispanics to fully participate in the democratic process and register to vote. We also encourage those who are eligible to become citizens" (italics added). Since the law states one must be a U.S. citizen in order to be eligible to vote, the wording of this LULAC platform encourages voter fraud.

In 1954, LULAC supported immigration control and mass deportation of illegal aliens. Today, LULAC opposes both measures. Convicted criminal José Velez, the head of LULAC from 1990 to 1994, typifies this reorientation. Using his "special status with the INS as director of LULAC," Velez submitted false documentation for 6,000 illegal aliens seeking amnesty that netted him millions of dollars. Velez had previously declared that the U.S. Border Patrol is "the enemy of my people and always will be."

  • ULAC sought amendments to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 to increase the cap on suspensions of deportations from 4,000 to "at least 75,000 per year."
  • LULAC lobbied for full restoration of benefits cut by the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 to legal immigrants.
  • LULAC was one of the primary opponents of California Proposition 187 — the proposition to deny illegal aliens free social and welfare services.
  • LULAC "reject[s] attempts to dramatically cut legal immigration" insisting that current levels of nearly one million a year "serve[s] the U.S. national interest."
  • LULAC opposes any deployment of the military to defend U.S. borders — not even to interdict drug smugglers — because "military personnel are not trained for border patrolling and might easily violate the civil rights of those they intervene with."

Prior to the 1960s, LULAC recognized English as the official language of the United States. Today, LULAC vigorously opposes any official recognition of English as the language of this country.


La Raza condemns the "step-up [in] immigration law enforcement significantly along the U.S./Mexico border and in the interior of the country" claiming such activities violate the civil rights of "Hispanics."

La Raza has called upon the Congress to rescind the immigration and welfare reform acts of 1996 calling them "a disgrace to American values." In addition, it has demanded another amnesty for illegal aliens from Central America coupled with this threat "Our elected officials should not be surprised if their failure to act on reforms of these terribly unjust laws is met with a firm response at the ballot box." And U.S. citizens should not be surprised that those going to the ballot box for La Raza include illegal aliens and non-citizens.

On its website,, La Raza claims to be "the largest constituency-based national Hispanic organization, serving all Hispanic nationality groups in all regions of the country…[with] over 200 formal affiliates who together serve 37 States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia…and a broader network of more than 20,000 groups and individuals nationwide — reaching more than two million Hispanics annually."

Where does La Raza get the funding to support its many activities? According to its website, "the organization receives two-thirds of its funding from corporations and foundations, and the rest from the government." For the period 1992-1996, the total amount of "gifts, grants and contributions" to La Raza was more than $38 million. This does not include revenues from "government fees and contracts." Over three years, 1996-1998, La Raza received over five million dollars from just three foundations the majority, nearly four million dollars, from the ford foundation, $850,000 from the Carnegie Corporation, and another $850,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Many Black leaders in this country are on to the Reverend Jackson's antics and where his true priorities are, but what's important is that all Americans understand what's happening here.

Mind you, there is not a thing wrong with various voting blocks in this country aligning with one another to gain more leverage and political clout, and even if such alliances are grounded almost purely in ethnicity. What's wrong with what Jesse Jackson, LULAC, and La Raza are doing is that they are endeavoring to ensure that millions of illegals receive amnesty, that the human invasion from the south continues unfettered and uninterrupted, and that Homeland Security be damned in the selfish interest of amassing millions of voters.

And the hook? These organizations and the polictical alliances they form tap American citizens for the money necessary to provide illegals with social services and healthcare coverage that not even American citizens enjoy! We're subsidizing the purposeful exploitation of Latinos by activist Latino organizations who are merely riding the backs of illegal aliens in order to attain their own goals. Jesse Jackson, a nonpareil exploiter in his own right, is merely following his instincts and perpetuating his self-serving agenda.

The illegals are not being exploited. We are! Wake up, America!