Thursday, July 7


If the free world had it together, pre-planned military strikes (in the event of a terrorist attack on the soil of an ally) would already be underway on the heels of the terrorist attack on London, England. I'm not interested in statements from political leaders, heightened terror warnings, or commitments to a continuation of the G-8 summit. There's already been too much of this: talk; talk; talk.

I'm interested in action and an overwhelming response to the horrors ravaged upon Londoners. Some multiple of what the Israelis would already have done had it been a strike on Tel Aviv.

And GITMO should already have adjusted its food menus, turned up the volume, turned off the A/C, and painted over the arrows on cell floors pointing to Mecca. GITMO detainees need to understand they're going to suffer some trifling inconveniences (regardless of what Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, and the ACLU concerns itself with while people get blown up around the world) given the death and destruction rained upon London.

Why should these detainees be dining on Chicken L'Orange, as they gleefully applaud the massacre in London and hurl excrement at their guards?

The do-gooders and bleeding hearts will not win this war on terrorism and people die because of their handwringing and cowardice. The only thing the meek shall inherit in this war are coffins and graveyards.

Why is any country harboring terrorists (e.g., Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan) not being attacked, as I write this? Why are suspected terrorists not being rounded up around the world in a massive dragnet, as I write this? And why haven't Chirac and Schroeder gotten off their asses and joined the fight, rather than simply issuing statements of unity where "unity" doesn't even exist?