Friday, July 1


So Ted Kennedy is already threatening (oh, he'll huff, and he'll puff, 'til he blows the house down) to foil the confirmation process before President Bush has even named his Supreme Court nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Conner.

Nobody cares, Senator Kennedy. You're old news. Besides, you're altogether too predictable.

Fact is, the upcoming fight on the Senate floor is going to center squarely on the abortion debate and in the context of Big League politics you're not even a player anymore, Senator Kennedy, and particularly after the Kerry-Edwards debacle. You picked Kerry, you backed Kerry, you turned your staff over to his presidential bid, and the whole enterprise went awry.

What this nomination process and the abortion debate that will attach to it are going to do is to flush out Hillary Clinton's belated romance with "Centrism." Hillary, the early favorite to win the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, isn't going to be able to dance. No amount of choreography will work. That's the dynamic here. She needs "Red State" support and cross-over votes and how she conducts herself during the confirmation hearings may make or break her candidacy.

That O'Conner opted to resign before Rehnqust must have the Junior Senator from New York in a fit of pique.