Monday, July 11


So Hillary Clinton thinks President Bush is an "Alfred E. Neuman" equivalent -- a what me worry "Mad Magazine" caricature in the White House. This from a former First Lady whose husband cavorted with White House interns and had more sexual trysts than Alfred E. Neuman has freckles. This from one of the nonpareil What me worry? "enablers" of all time! This from a woman whose husband, when he occupied the Oval Office, turned a deaf ear to the issue of terrorism and spent two terms undermining the U.S. military and this nation's intelligence community. If she's in to caricatures, she need look no further than her sexually peripatetic husband or her bathroom mirror.

It'll take more than a village to cure this egotistical, dyed-in-the-wool leftie, and, as William Safire called her, "congenital liar" of her crass, tasteless behavior. And where does Hillary Clinton, of all people, get off on assailing President Bush over healthcare issues? Talk about being disingenuous!

This was an impolitic criticism of the president -- a proverbial low-blow -- and it will come back to haunt her in 2008. Hillary's about as funny as her husband is faithful. Combined, she and her husband, do not have a modicum of the character or integrity of President Bush. But this is what the Democratic Party is all about these days: bereft of ideas and solutions, they resort to political thuggery and the American people are on to them.

You should worry Hillary. You're a lightening rod and there's going to be a huge storm over this.

FOLLOW-UP: Republicans respond to Hillary's Bush-bashing.